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"And no one believes you can change the world for the better any more"

The BBC program is filled with such blanket statements. This one is written in large, bold, all-caps at the beginning of the program.

It is such an easily refutable assertion that one must wonder if it is more of a wish.

There are many blanket statements. The manufactured dispute between Hutu’s and Tootsie’s is said to be something that "we" caused. I assume by "we" Adam Curtis means Europeans?

There are many juxtapositions of incongruous images. The film is like "The Kid Stays in the Picture". The producers had access to the BBC’s newsreels and made great use of them. But much of it is disorienting. When they discuss Bill Hamilton’s death from a hemorrhage they show a close-up of blood bursting through some membrane into another bodily fluid and then some glamorous woman dancing under a disco light.

Much of the archive footage is helpful, and of a quality that you would only expect from the BBC or other news mammoth. But a lot of it is fluff or even subterfuge.

At one point a theory is said to assert that there is absolutely no differences between humans and animals. They show a human yawning and a chimpanzee yawning.  No thought is given to the fact that humans are creating such theories while chimpanzees are not.


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June 26, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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