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Notes on a terrible BBC documentary taking on Ayn Rand « Fuguewriter

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This is an excellent response to Adam Curtis’s documentary. I enjoyed the catchy music and active pace of the show. I liked the video editing. It is mostly engaging. But the part it does not engage, or even tries to subvert, is the intellect.

I get the impression that the BBC gave Curtis full access to all footage ever shot by them. He had a monumental library spanning decades to rummage through. He needed all of this to dazzle the viewer with large quantities of interesting footage to not notice the junk that was coming out of his mouth. Why? The BBC must be shaken and scared that the ideas of individual rights will finally reach across the Atlantic and into the hallowed walls of the University of London.

Curtis has made several of these types of documentaries. One is called “The Century of the Self” in which he uses BBC library footage to show that the individual is a myth made up by Sigmund Freud’s cousin to sell more cars and clothes.

I agree with pretty much everything you are saying, accept I think you should clarify the virtue/virtues of selfishness point you are making. She did write a book called “The Virtue of Selfishness”.

As far as the roots of the collapse, they actually show Greenspan diverging from the path of Objectivism but don’t point that out to the viewer. They show him using the Fed to help Clinton. At this point he is not running the Fed as a bank but as a charity. This has nothing to do with Objectivism but Curtis and the BBC doesn’t mention this divergence.

You can only refute Rand by misrepresenting her. But for the BBC and Curtis to stake their reputations on such an attack means they think no one will notice, or they are just so desperate that they have to play dumb and try anyway.

There is an alternate explanation to the events portrayed in the show. The New Economy was laid low, not by irrational exuberance, but by a DOJ attack on it’s greatest champion.

Here is an interesting section of the Dot Com Bomb taken from here:

2000 Jan 30 Super Bowl XXXIV Features Seventeen Dot-Com Companies

2000 Mar 10 Dot-com Bubble Reaches Peak

2000 Mar 13 The Market Opens 4% Lower On Monday Than It Closed On Friday

2000 Mar 24 S&P 500 Peaks

2000 Apr 3 Microsoft Is Declared A Monopoly

2000 Apr 15 Gave Away Ten Million Dollars To A Lucky Contestant

2000 May 18 Goes Bust

2000 Nov 6 Announces Closure

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June 27, 2011 at 1:22 am

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